My Friend Katie Needs a Job

February 4, 2010

My Friend Katie Needs a Job

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She is a writer. And an events planner. And a project manager. She would be happy doing any of these things.

But she has many other skills.

  • She is a good cook.
  • She is good with children.
  • She can waitress, and bartend.
  • She is very tall.
  • And pretty.
  • Some people think she is funny, and she sometimes is.
  • She likes politics.
  • And puppies.
  • She takes good care of my cats when I am away.
  • She knows a ridiculous amount about the fragrance & fashion worlds.
  • She reads a lot of books. A lot.
  • She can salsa dance.
  • She plans awesome parties. Not just, like, at our house. But for important people, like clients. Or for Brooklyn hoodrat kids, at seedy bars.

There are many, many, many jobs Katie would be good at. You should probably contact her.

Katie is also an expert in many random things, such as:

  • Olfactory history with emphasis in Perfume Methods
  • The anthropology of Cooking Shows
  • Theatre and Circus Performance

If you are a fragrancier (I do not know the correct term; Katie is the perfume-head, not me), a food tv producer, or a bearded lady, Katie could probably help you out. Or, if you are just someone with something general to research. She really likes to research. I have never seen someone get so involved in researching a particular topic of interest. It is kind of annoying, as her roommate. But not if you were her employer. If you were her employer, it would probably be awesome to have that kind of thorough-ness and dedication on your side.

I know, I know, you probably just want to contact her now. But, wait! There are a few more things I should tell you first! Like, Katie is a big foodie and knows a billion people in the food scene here in Brooklyn and is a major fan of urban farming, local food production, etc.  A longtime vegetarian and sometimes vegan and/or raw foodist, Katie has experience in cooking all sorts of weirdo yuppiehipster dishes. She rides bikes, and hula-hoops (if you are a 6 year old girl, you will love her!). She is from Ohio, which means she’s nice and sensible and full of Catholic guilt. She managed a bunch of theater productions in London (and a few performance art happenings, oh my!), which means you know she can handle stress.

Look at how happy she makes people:

You would probably love to have her in your office. Or your friend’s office. Or your uncle so-and-so’s office. Why don’t you contact her?


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